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Hypercell™ is a high-throughput digital biochemistry cell analysis and sorting platform, with Analytix, Elite and Elite HT series tailored for these purposes, respectively. Bioelectronica’s patent pending technology analyzes and sorts secretors quickly and at a cost that labs can afford, while meeting today’s high throughput demands. By reducing repetitive hands-on time and digitizing biochemistry, the Hypercell platform creates more time for science, innovation and discovery.
  • Hypercell™-Analytix: Hypercell™-Analytix lets you visualize and analyze millions of cells based on their expression rates and expression types.
  • Hypercell™-Elite: Hypercell™-Elite sorts cells by secretion rate, separating low and non-secreting cells from high secretors.
  • Hypercell™-Elite HT: Hypercell™-Elite HT performs Direct B cell screening through an enabling, largely unattended 24-hour assay vs the industry typical 3-week assay. Transfection, hybridoma immortalization and screening step can be bypassed using Bioelectronica’s game-changing B Cell Direct technology, saving time and money in accelerating drug discovery and cell line development.

Key advantages of Bioelectronica’s Hypercell™ platform are throughput, scalability, rapid detection and cell recoverability. Through a combination of multiple proprietary innovations, Hypercell™ takes emulsion-based single-cell assays to the next level. With PODS technology, millions of cells can be encapsulated in minutes, versus hours required by serial droplet generators. Hypercell™ is well suited for ultra-high throughput applications such as cell line development in immunology and vaccine development. The Hypercell platform can be parallelized to scale up experiments and dramatically increase lab productivity, throughput and efficiencies.

Hypercell™-Analytix lets you visualize the relative secretion rate of hundreds of thousands of cells within a sample — and with antigen-specific single cell secretion rates.

By combining Bioelectronica’s reagent kits and patent-pending imager, Hypercell™ Analytix can calculate the ratio of cells secreting high, medium and low amounts of a specific antigen, antibody or protein that is normalized to the size of each individual POD.

The technology can be applied across many types of experiments including CAR-T construct screening and validation, antigen or T cell receptor discovery and validation, as well as investigation of helper or regulatory T cell function.

Antibody manufacturers can monitor their bioreactors over time. Antibody developers can monitor the stability of their CHO or HEK 293 cells and use Analytix to help them choose when to move to the next stage of their cell line development path.

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